Daily Tips for Better Oral Health

Dr. Blaylock and his team run one of the leading dental practices in Durham, NC. At our clinic, we believe that a robust daily oral hygiene routine forms the bedrock of optimal dental health. We aim to guide you towards cultivating such constructive habits while addressing any potential issues with utmost care. With the right daily routine, you can prevent many common dental issues. As a result, you may spend less time and even money over time on your dental care. Preventing dental issues before they start can improve your oral health and protect your smile.

Daily Tips for Better Oral Health 

Understanding Daily Oral Hygiene

The first step towards maintaining a radiant smile is understanding daily oral hygiene. It involves a comprehensive regimen to keep your teeth and gums healthy by preventing common dental problems like tooth decay or gum diseases. This commitment goes hand-in-hand with regular visits for professional cleanings and check-ups at any of our convenient locations in Durham, NC.

The Importance of Brushing and Flossing

An effective oral hygiene regimen comprises two crucial components: brushing and flossing. Brushing helps eliminate plaque from all surfaces, whereas flossing ensures no food particles remain lodged between your teeth. Neglect either task, and you may find yourself dealing with more than just bad breath!

Proper Brushing Techniques

We advocate brushing your teeth twice daily using fluoride-infused toothpaste, as it fortifies enamel against decay-causing bacteria. Position your toothbrush at an angle relative to your gums before gently moving it across every surface on each tooth. Brushing your teeth is one step in the fight against plaque and bacteria. 

Flossing Methods

Whether done before or after brushing remains a subjective preference, but never underestimate the importance of this step during your nightly routine.  Our specialists within the Durham office are dedicated to demonstrating appropriate techniques during patient consultations. Boost home-care efforts with high-quality cleaning services conducted during appointment sessions. Flossing gets between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. Therefore, it is a crucial method to boost your oral health. 

Maintaining Oral Health with Regular Dental Visits

 Optimal oral health stretches beyond regular brushing and flossing into territory involving professional dental care.  Schedule a consultation at our Durham clinic for annual exams and top-tier cleaning services. Maintain optimal oral hygiene by using correct tools tailored specifically to individual needs    

Choosing the Right Tools for Oral Hygiene 

There are several myths about brushing and flossing. Misconceptions like more toothpaste leading to cleaner teeth or the risk associated with excessive brushing and flossing often mislead individuals from following suitable practices. As long as you have a soft bristle toothbrush and perform gentle circles, your teeth and gums should be safe. We believe that sharing success stories instills confidence inspiring others towards maintaining their own oral health accordingly.   

Dr. Blaylock and our team consider patient education as an integral part of our job. Our team is dedicated towards guiding every individual along pathway leading towards achieving healthy long-lasting smiles! Allow us assist you in maintaining your best smile – schedule your consultation today!


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