Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

Have you noticed stains or yellowing in your smile? Teeth can become discolored over time, sometimes due to poor oral habits but also to aging and other factors outside your control. If you feel self-conscious about your tooth color, you may feel tempted to purchase teeth-whitening products from your local shop.

But how effective will they be at enhancing your tooth color? And how will whitening toothpaste brighten your smile, especially compared to regular toothpaste? In-office teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services Dr. Blaylock provides to Durham, North Carolina.  Read on to learn more about what whitening toothpaste can do for your smile.

bright teeth when brushing with toothpaste

What Does Toothpaste Do for My Smile?

The movements of brushing your teeth and flossing help to scrub away plaque and other harmful residues from your teeth. So why do you also need toothpaste on your toothbrush?

Traditional toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients. These work to more efficiently remove food particles and other films that might stick to your teeth. The toothpaste will help you get a more thorough clean for your smile, making sure it looks and feels its best.

This toothpaste will also get rid of mild stains on the surface of your teeth. However, discoloration that penetrates deeper into the enamel of your teeth will need more targeted treatments to eliminate.

Can Whitening Toothpaste Brighten My Tooth Color?

If you want to brighten your smile, you can purchase whitening toothpaste from your local shop. This contains the abrasives of typical toothpaste along with hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent.

When you brush with whitening toothpaste as directed, this agent will absorb deeper into your teeth to lift stubborn stains to the surface. Then they can more easily be scrubbed away with your oral hygiene routine.

Therefore, you can successfully achieve a brighter tooth color with this dental product. Make sure you choose a brand marked with the ADA seal of approval. This way, you can ensure the toothpaste is proven to help you get a whiter smile.

Should I Seek Whitening Treatment from My Dentist?

Though effective, whitening toothpaste cannot help all individuals achieve their smile aesthetic goals. Severe tooth discoloration may need more extensive cosmetic treatment from a dentist.

You might feel tempted to buy a whitening kit from your local store. Talk to your dentist if you want to whiten your teeth instead. These over-the-counter kits offer a one-size-fits-all approach that may not give you your desired results. Without supervision from a dentist, you might also risk irritating your gums.

Your dentist can give you custom-made trays filled with whitening gel that you can wear to gradually whiten your teeth. This treatment ensures you get an even color for your smile with minimized side effects.

Your dentist may also suggest giving you a brighter smile using other methods like porcelain veneers. They will look at your medical history and existing dental structure to determine the best treatment plan for you. Schedule a consult with your dentist to learn more about how you can brighten your tooth color.


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