Dr. Brent Blaylock Patient Reviews

Dr. Brent L. Blaylock is a cosmetic, preventative, and restorative dentist. He has continued his education with courses at the Dawson Academy for Advanced Dental Training. Dr. Blaylock’s dedication to learning about the newest dental treatments and techniques allows him to provide patients with professional care. He also takes a comprehensive approach in order to understand the dental history and current goals of his patients.

Patient Reviews in Durham, North Carolina

Patient Reviews

Here, you can read patient reviews for Dr. Blaylock and his team in Durham, NC:

“Dr. Blaylock and his office staff are outstanding in every way. In my opinion, Dr. Blaylock is not only the finest technician at his craft, but also is continuously learning and updating his skills and equipment. He is extremely kind, caring, and gentle too. All of the hygienists and dental assistants are top-of-the-line skilled, professional, and compassionate (especially Theresa!) And Robin, at the front desk, is so welcoming and nice and efficient and helpful. I am ever grateful that I found this group in Durham, NC. I recommend them whenever asked.”

-Louise G.


“This is the best dental practice! The staff is very professional and extremely kind. I fully trust their judgment and, because of the excellent preventive approach, I haven’t had any cavities in years. I always look forward to my next appointment! Thank you!”

Asia P.


“Dr. Blaylock and his team are always so kind and professional. They spend time getting to know you as a patient and asking about family and friends while providing fantastic dental care. The staff at Dr. Blaylock’s feel more like family than anything else. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for a dentist in the area!”

-Lauren C.


“My husband, son and I, have been patients of Dr. Blaylock for over 20 years! He is extremely gentle when numbing my mouth for procedures! Huge importance for me. He is transparent when giving his professional advice, meaning he tells you the truth! Never any hidden agendas. Honest, funny, and he knows his stuff. We love him and his staff. We highly recommend him!”

-Donna P.

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