Halitosis treatment in Durham NC Bad breath can make you feel uncomfortable during social interactions. More importantly, it can be an indicator of a more complex dental problem. Durham, NC dentist Dr. Brent L. Blaylock offers comprehensive; patient focused dental care to each one of his patients. Dr. Blaylock will provide a comprehensive exam to determine the cause of your halitosis and develop a plan based on your needs. You can schedule an appointment online or call 984-213-4695 today.


Halitosis is the persistent or recurring bad breath that is not solved by regular brushing and flossing. Halitosis can be caused by a range of different factors, most of which are oral. If you don’t properly clean your mouth and teeth, harmful bacteria can begin to fester and cause halitosis. In some cases, the bacteria can even lead to gum disease.

Causes Of Halitosis:

Complex Dental Issues: It is important to visit Dr. Blaylock bi-annually for preventive care visits for him to properly check your mouth, teeth, and gums for any signs of dysfunction. Preventive care visits help Dr. Blaylock catch dental issues early and find a treatment to improve your smile.
Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is one of the leading causes of bad breath. Saliva helps keep your mouth moisturized and helps prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Be sure to consider other factors like smoking as another reason for dry mouth.
Oral Hygiene: Brushing and flossing your teeth can help get rid of harmful bacteria. However, if you don’t follow a proper oral hygiene routine, it can lead to tooth decay which may result in halitosis.
Medication: Check your medicine for side effects. Dry mouth can be a listed side effect of your medications. Let Dr. Blaylock know about any medications you are taking to see if it could be the cause of your bad breath.

Treatment for Halitosis

It is important to visit Dr. Blaylock if you are experiencing persistent bad breath. Dr. Blaylock will be able to examine your teeth and determine the best course of action for your smile. In the meantime, following a proper oral hygiene routine may temporarily help solve your halitosis. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day to get rid of any harmful bacteria in the mouth. Incorporate using an ADA approved mouthwash to eliminate debris and food particles that can be hiding in the mouth.


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